Rates (EN)

Translation - per word

For translation, my minimum rate for 2022-2023 is € 0.08 (8 Euro cents) per word. This rate covers texts up to 5000 words in length, of low technical complexity (for example, marketing materials, texts intended for the general public, or non-specialist reports and summaries).

Bulk discount: 20% on words above 5000

For texts of more than 5000 words in length, a discount of 20% applies from the 5001st word onwards.

Technical complexity surcharge: 20% (entire text)

For texts of medium to high technical complexity, a surcharge of 20% applies. This category includes scientific and academic texts not intended for the general public, such as academic journal articles, academic theses and dissertations, or reports and summaries intended for a specialist or technical audience.

Global South, non-profit organisation, or activist discount: negotiable

If you represent a non-profit organisation in the field of sustainable urbanism or sustainable mobility, or related fields, or any organisation based in the Global South, please note this under 'Other remarks' (section 3/3) in the Translation Enquiry form.

Editing and Proofreading - per hour

My editing and proofreading rates vary considerably according to the quality and condition of the English text. For editing or proofreading projects, a substantial text sample, or access to the full text, is essential for me to make an assessment on price and the time required for delivery.

My basic rate is €40/hour, including tax, for which you receive editing from a native English speaker with a PhD from a leading Dutch university of technology, and a Masters in Urban Planning from Africa's leading university, the University of Cape Town, as well as bachelor degrees in English. I have substantial experience as a professional editor at a London-based community newspaper, and years of experience in freelance academic editing.

As an indication of what my per hour rate will cover, in terms of word count, I provide the following examples from my experience:

  • For an academic article written by a non-native English speaker who writes at a C2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), fully formatted and thoroughly (spell-)checked by the author, I can proofread on average 1000 words per hour.

  • For an application for funding, bid document, or project proposal written by a non-native English speaker who writes at a C1 level (CEFR), I can edit on average 500 words per hour.

  • In general, factors that decrease the speed at which I can edit or proofread are complex visual layout (in an editable document), medium to high technical complexity (especially if the client is unable to provide a glossary of key specialist terms, upon request), or changes to the text (made by the client) during my editing or proofreading process.